more info about the Triune Brain

 Coaching as a profession has been growing by leaps and bounds in the areas of Life and Executive coaching over the last several years.  Neuroscience has been underscoring the benefits of a positive focus and action oriented thinking that is part of the coaching style.  A coach believes the we all have, at our core, the creativity, resources and  skill necessary to achieve our wildest dreams.  That sounds unbelievable to some, but coaches all over the world experience this as a reality over and again.  Those who truly commit to being fully who they truly are find success, joy and leadership in their lives.  Are you ready to lead your life? 


MY COACHING STYLE  is srongly informed by neuroscience - the science of the brain. 

On this page, you will find some of my personal thoughts about neuroscience, the natural tendency of our brain to seek safety and survival (first and foremost), the impact of this nature and ways most of us can shift from survival instinct* to having greater access to our creativity and abstract thinking - allowing us to imagine, create and live our wildest dreams.

You will also find some links to articles and stories that help further explain neuroscience in really useful ways.  Perhaps you will find them helpful too!

(*because that survival instinct is  really necessary when we are truly in danger - it may be a nuisance and interfere in things when danger is not present but we are doing something new and important to our joyful living - like developing a relationship with someone, or making a decision at work, or even simply deciding who to sit next to at a meeting, a meal or on the bus.)