Jan 19-21, 2018: The Creativity Connection  

A midwinter getaway

A self care and creativity experience

On the Coast of Maine

With like minded individuals

Do you want to learn more about your connection to creativity? Are you keenly aware of the importance of creativity in living your life, making decisions, maintaining relationships, success at work, and more?  Are you interested in finding ways to unleash your creative potential? Does it seem you've lost your creative spark and can't seem to reignite it?  Are you looking for a weekend away in the company of like minded individuals on the Coast of Maine to recharge your batteries after the Holidays?

All of this, and more, will take place in this experiential workshop as Nanci and Steve guide you in an exploration of creativity, the neuroscience of creativity and ways to retire your inner critic. Learn the latest science of how your brain works.  Practice skills that quiet the blocks to creativity and free you up to live a more joyful and creative life.  Together we will explore specific techniques to quiet that inner critic while raising the still small voices of your intuition, your inner creator and your champion. We will use mindfulness and meditation practices to open the creative flow. This will be time of learning, exploring, creating, quiet reflection, walks on the beach, great food prepared especially for us, lots ofopportunities for growth and sharing.  Whether you’re an artist, writer, musician, performer or simply interested in tapping into a more creative life, this workshop is for you!​

Facilitators:  Steve Addario, LCSW, Certified Professional Coach  &  Rev. Nanci Adair, LCPC

Steve Addario, LCSW is a Certified Professional Coach with 20 years crisis intervention and risk prevention experience.  He provides leadership and transition coaching to many who seek personal and professional growth.  Steve celebrates his creative life as a watercolor artist, photographer and ukulele enthusiast.  With his work, training and research, Steve is well versed in the neuroscience of stress, trauma and resilience and its application to the creative process.  He has a passion for helping others use that knowledge in freeing their natural creativity and intuition to live fully and joyfully.  Steve has trained many throughout Maine as well as at National Social Work and International Coach Conferences.  

Rev. Nanci Adair LCPC, CCS is an ordained interfaith minister, therapist, life coach, artist and entrepreneur. Throughout her life Nanci has maintained a passion for the arts and spiritual transformation. In her book, Achieve The Summit of Your Dreams and on UKandu radio Nanci introduces ‘feet on the ground’ strategies to turn your dreams into reality.

Conference Fee: $100 (onsite) or $125 (commuter)

Ferry Beach Membership Fee required:  (Individual) $30.00
Lodging: Onsite options range from shared rooms to limited single room ($100-$200 / night). 

                Commuters, no lodging fee.
Meals: $75 Friday evening through Sunday noon.  ​