My name is Steve Addario.  I am a certified professional coach and a licensed clinical social worker.  In addition to over 20 years in social services, I've been coaching others to be their best and most successful selves for much of my life in both professional and personal goals.  In my commitment to being the best coach that I can be, I am an International Coach Federation (ICF) Global member and have completed an ICF approved training with The Goldvarg Consulting Group.     Check out my Facebook page.

Coaching – it’s not therapy, it’s not consulting, it’s not mentoring.  It’s different!! 

Coaching is a professional relationship with a focus on growth and next steps.  If you are like most people, you have already looked at what gets in the way, have been given many suggestions and even had support.  For many of us, we do really well identifying what happened and what caused our problems.  Taking actions to remedy those problems becomes the challenge.  

Ready to make things happen in your life? 

A coach can help you .  Working with me, you learn to ask different questions - powerful questions - and taking actions - powerful actions that lead you to the life you want, the life you deserve.  It seems paradoxical but, once we shift our focus from identifying what gets in our way to what we love, enjoy, appreciate and want, magic happens!  

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How it works!

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Are you ready to explore what coaching can do for you?  Click Here!

Joy - Finding Professional Coaching

When coaching first showed up in my world, it was in the form of a a friend, a therapist himself, in the midst of a major life transition – the ending of a 20+ year marriage.  He was seeking peace, happiness and "a new life."  And he knew he needed a different form of help.  He knew himself, what he wanted and needed.  He wasn’t miserable – in fact he was taking action and finding himself open to life and the new pleasures that arose as he practiced following his true nature.  But he felt stuck.  He partnered with a coach that saw him as skilled, an expert in his own life.  His coach listened, helped him recognize what he knew was right for him and actively partnered with him in his success.  Coaching helped put his desires and goals on a rocket to success. 

Coaching and Therapy -
And there begins the difference between coaching and therapy.  Therapy focuses on the past, the problem, and fixing it.  Coaching focuses on the present, and moving towards where you want to be - usually joy and success.  There is no fixing needed.  In coaching, the individual is already whole and full of potential.  Therapy works with the person's illness and healing from that.  And there is a time when that is necessary.  Coaching helps the person proactively become more of who they are.  Therapy helps the person move closer to being “normal.”  I watched my friend focus more on what inspired him and gain success in coaching.  It’s clear there’s a time and place for therapy.  His positive momentum through a different focus (coaching) was inspiring. 

Coaching works that way.  With the support of a coach, you create (perhaps simply remember) your vision.  You break free of the limits that block you, you meet your goals and then, often as a surprise, you find success you could never have imagined! 

I'm happy to share more - feel free to ask.  ARE YOU READY TO TAKE THE STEPS NEEDED FOR YOU TO SUCCEED?  I'm happy to work with you, to be your coach, and to help your momentum.  My aim is to help you recognize what you already know and assist you to find your own personal roadmap.  I will support you to be clear about what you want and break down the barriers to getting there.  I can support you to experience what I've witnessed over and again:
                                                 What you focus on grows!  . . . let it be inspiring!!

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